Center for Asian Studies


Center for Asian Studies was founded in 2019 by The University of Texas at Dallas. The purpose is to promote knowledge of and engagement with the diverse cultures of Asia and Asian America. Our mission includes:

  • sponsoring education, research and public outreach programs
  • serving as a catalyst for collaboration across disciplines, areas of study, academic approaches, and modes of creative practice
  • increasing the resources and opportunities for faculty members and students engaged in Asian Studies

Independently or with our partners, Center for Asian Studies currently has the following programs:

  • Credit courses about Asia
  • Credit and Non-credit course of Asian languages
  • Forum for Asian Cultures
  • International Partnership and Exchange
  • Lectures, Symposiums and International Conferences
  • Language and Culture Camp for Children

(Photo taken and provided by Ms. Jing Shen – Zanda Earth Forest, Tibet, China. 2020)