Why learn Japanese?

Japan is one of the largest economies in the world. Learning the Japanese language can help you broaden your opportunities for a global profession as well as creating a gateway into other Asian cultures and languages. Japanese is also a major language used for online content and other modes of digital media. Why not study Japanese and enter the world of Japan’s unique language, modern society and culture? You will find the journey will be easy and enjoyable! 

Course Name Course Description and Syllabus
Conversational Japanese

Course description: introducing the essentials of Japanese language and culture, this course aims to equip students with basic and practical communication skills to carry out everyday tasks with an emphasis on conversation with grammatical accuracy and socially appropriate language use. Upon completion of this course, students will be able to greet others and introduce themselves, talk about various items around them, ask about time and telephone numbers (Number 1-20), invite someone to do something, talk about daily and future activities, and express likes and dislikes. The course will also introduce nonverbal aspects, such as gestures, Japanese superstitions, manners and etiquette, crime in Japan, taboos in the society, and table manners etc.

Teaching hours: 1 X 2 hour class per week for 8 weeks

Course fee: $200

Textbooks and other materials: No textbook is needed. The instructor uses PowerPoint slides, Quizlet (online flashcards) as teaching materials. An educational video series created by the instructor will be used as supplemental material and Voice Thread slides will be used for self-study review.

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