Center for Asian Studies

Assassination in Ancient Chinese Art

Center for Asian Studies Held its First Asian Culture Forum in 2020 Spring Semester

“Assassination in Ancient Chinese Art” with Dr. Zhijun Xu

On February 8, Center for Asian Studies held its first Asian Culture Forum in 2020 spring semester. Dr. Zhijun Xu of Peking University held a seminar on the portrayal of assassins in ancient Chinese artwork. He emphasized the significance of legendary figures like Jing Ke in both history and pop culture, as well as the parallels to American pop culture assassins like Reuben Cogburn in 1968’s True Grit. Dr. Xu also gave detailed explanations of legendary Chinese figures like Yu Rang, Nie Zheng, and the “Seven Daughters.” His comprehensive PowerPoint showed the traces of ancient Chinese legends in the artwork and artifacts found in tombs across China. A brief introduction was given by Professor Mingdong Gu, associate director of Center for Asian Studies, and a 10-minute Q&A session followed the presentation in which audience members discussed the presence of these themes in both Chinese and Western films.