Center for Asian Studies

Leading Faculty

Professor Mingdong Gu     

Ming Dong Gu received his Ph.D. from the University of Chicago and is currently Professor of Chinese and Comparative Literature at the University of Texas at Dallas. His area of specialization covers East-West thought, Chinese and English literature, literary theory, comparative poetics, fiction theory, hermeneutics, postcolonial studies, and psychoanalytic and semiotic approaches to literature, art, and cultural studies. A special consultant to Norton Anthology of Theory and Criticism, responsible for choosing the first Chinese theorist for its new editions and writing an introduction, he has, since 2013, been invited to participate in the Academic Reputation Survey of the Times Higher Education World University Rankings and QS World University Rankings. Since he came to UT Dallas in 2007, he has collaborated with colleagues at UT Dallas and a few Chinese universities to organize several conferences and symposia on Asian and Chinese studies. Two of them yielded two volumes of scholarly articles published respectively by SUNY Press and Routledge Press. In 2016, he gathered together nearly 50 scholars of Chinese literature around the world and completed a big project on modern Chinese literature, which came out as Routledge Handbook of Modern Chinese Literature in 2019.

He is the author of four books: (1) Sinologism: An Alternative to Orientalism and Post-colonialism (Routledge, 2013); (2) Chinese Theories of Reading and Writing (SUNY Press 2005), (3) Chinese Theories of Fiction (SUNY Press 2006)), and (4) Anxiety of Originality (in Chinese, Nanjing University Press, 2009); an editor of three English volumes: Translating China for Western Readers (SUNY Press, 2014), Why Traditional Chinese Philosophy Still Matters (Routledge 2018), and Routledge Handbook of Modern Chinese Literature (2019), and a co-editor and translator of several Chinese and English books. In addition, he has published about 150 journal articles, book chapters, and essays in literature and humanities in English and Chinese. Among them, 67 are English articles, which appear in these journals:  Philosophy East & West (6 articles), Journal of Chinese Philosophy (4 articles), Asian PhilosophyDao: A Journal of Comparative Philosophy (2 articles), Journal of Oriental StudiesMonumenta Serica, International Communications of Chinese Culture (2 articles), New Literary HistoryPoetics TodayJournal of Aesthetics and Art  CriticismDiacriticsPostcolonial Studies, NarrativeJournal of Narrative TheoryPsychoanalytic QuarterlyModern Language QuarterlyJournal of Aesthetic Education (2 articles), D. H. Lawrence Review (two articles), Interdisciplinary Literary Studies: A Journal of Criticism and Theory; Literature and PsychologyComparative LiteratureComparative Literature StudiesCanadian Review of Comparative Literature (two articles), Yearbook of Comparative LiteratureJournal of Asian StudiesChinese Literature: Essays, Articles, Reviews, Translation ReviewTamkang Review (2 articles), Interdisciplinary Studies of Literature, and Contemporary Chinese Thought. Among his 79 scholarly articles in Chinese, most of them appear in China’s major journals in humanities: Literary Review (3 articles), Literature, History and Philosophy, Studies of Literature and Art (2 articles), Theoretical Studies of Literature and Art (4 articles), Journal of Academic Monthly (3 articles), Academics, Journal of Peking University (5 articles), Journal of Nanjing University (6 articles), Journal of Tsinghua University (4 articles), Journal of Dr. Sun Yat-sen University (5 articles), Journal of Beijing Normal University (2 articles), Journal of Xiamen University (4 articles), Journal of Zhejiang UniversityJournal of Fudan UniversityJournal of Wuhan UniversityHundred Schools of Art (2 articles), Jiangsu Social Sciences (2 articles), Frontier of Social SciencesExploration and Free Views (2 articles),  Foreign Literature (2 articles), Modern Foreign Literature (2 articles),  Foreign Literature Studies (3 articles), Cross-Cultural DialoguesComparative Literature in ChinaForeign Language Teaching and ResearchForeign Languages (2 articles), South China Quarterly (Macao, 2 articles), etc. His Chinese articles are reprinted in full or in excerpts in China’s major digests for 40 times.

Professor Karl Ho

Karl Ho received his Ph.D. in Political Science from the University of North Texas.  He teaches political economy, politics and public policy in East Asia.  His research focuses on East Asian elections and China-Taiwan-US relations.   He is the organizer of the UTD Taiwan Democracy Symposium (, hosting regular international conferences at the university on Taiwan elections and cross-Strait relations.  He was awarded the Taiwan fellowship in 2018, studying Taiwan’s New Southbound Policy.  His recent works were published in the books The Taiwan Voter and Taiwan’s Political Re-Alignment and Diplomatic Challenges, exploring the impacts and developments of China-Taiwan relations.  He is the co-Principal Investigator of the Hong Kong Election Study project, collecting election survey data since 2015.  He has published articles in Journal of Electoral Studies, Electoral Studies, Human Rights Quarterly, Journal of African and Asian Studies and Journal of Information Technology and Politics, Journal of African and Asian Studies, Journal of Information Technology and Politics, Asian Affairs: An American Review and Asian Politics & Policy.